Different Things to do if you are a Bookworm

Bookworms are, well, somewhat different from non bookworms, aren’t they? These creatures somehow are able to find that immense pleasure in staring at pages for hours together that the non bookworms simply cannot understand!

So, surely, there should be some different things that bookworms can do, and surely also different things that one can gift a bookworm?

Here are some different ideas for a bookworm to do, and some different things to gift to a bookworm

Ideas for bookworms

  • Being a bookworm myself, I would say one of the cool things bookworm should do is to invest some time and resources to set up a cosy place in their homes/rooms that can also help in a healthy posture while they read. This alone can double the book reading pleasure, without ending up in back pains.
  • One idea I used to pursue as a kid and to a certain extent do even now, is to write down a short summary, even if it just 5 bullet points, of any book I read – be it fact or fiction. If we are investing a few hours into reading a book, I think it is justified to spend 5 minutes in making a quick summary for our own later review and reflection! Make sure you add the date of reading to this summary – and you get a nice reading timeline for future glances.
  • Have imaginary conversations with characters!
  • Re-read good books. I am sure most do this, but still, it is a good idea to use a relaxed Sunday to quickly review the books and instead of picking up something you had not read yet, for a change, pick up a book that you had already read.
  • If you have collected a huge number of books, classify your books into three or four main genres and arrange them such. This could make a big difference to your reading habits. For instance, when you are fresh, you can quickly look at a genre such as Career & Profession, while when you are really bored or tired, you might want to reach out to the Humour section!
  • Write blog posts on the latest book you read, even if it is a very short post!
  • Figure out book merchandise you could be interested in, and buy some occasionally
  • If you have friends and relatives who do not read books but you feel they have the potential to become book worms, ensure you give them some great books as gifts occasionally!
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  • T-shirts with themes as books or book related topics
  • Litograph – Link
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Art Prints
  • Throw blankets & throw pillows
  • Classy bookweights and bookmarks

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