Different Ways to Overcome a Bad or Negative Mood

Every one of us gets into a bad mood. And the usual suggestion we get is: Think positive and cheer up. If it only were so easy!

You will agree with me that we need more practical, tangible ways to “cheer up” when we are in a negative mood. Here are some, hopefully different, suggestions:

  • Get outside – get out of your office and walk around. If there’s any place with a good number of trees, that will be a great place for you to do your short walk.
  • Engage in activities that use / are aligned to your natural temperament – you have an athletic body? Just involve yourself in some physical activity or sports, even if it means just jumping around.
  • Sniff certain scents -Inhaling the scent of orange (or essential orange oil) or lavender can reduce anxiety and improve mood.
  • Chew gum – The repetitive action of gnawing on gum can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress .
  • Do deliberate laughter – It sounds funny to laugh out aloud at – nothing. But that’s the whole point – it is so funny and the act of laughing such a positive thing that a quick bout of deliberate laughter will lighten your mood and make everything around you look far more positive.

Happier in 5 minutes – laughter yoga

  • De-clutter -Getting organized can help us feel instantly calmer. Just five to ten minutes is enough to tackle a small project, like a desk or the kitchen table.
  • Do some yoga – If you are asking how one could do while sitting in his cubicle, there are some really simple yoga poses you can do, or at least almost do, even in your cubicle – see here for stuff on this.

If you have the space to do proper yoga, here are some yoga poses:

Retorative yoga pilated for better mood and circulation

5 yoga poses to put you in a good mood

Yoga when you are in a bad mood

Some interesting videos on how to undo and get out of a bad mood





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