Different Ways to Convince People

Convincing some people is never easy. The more you try, it seems the harder is becoming.

So, it is obvious that you should not try more, but something different.

Here are some ideas on how to convince people differently.

  • Involve yourself
  • Give them some time
  • Get your own skin in the game
  • Ask them to visualize consequences
  • DO NOT try to compare what someone else is doing
  • If you make rules, ensure you implement them
  • Be polite but firm, being either alone usually does not work
  • Take them for a coffee or drink
  • Show that it is a win-win when such is applicable
  • Show them proof
  • Point out how you were convinced about it
  • Some times, giving them some time and checking it out once more helps
  • Expose them to terrible results of not doing what they you have been trying to convince them about
  • You ask them to tell you why they are not convinced
  • Save emotions for last
  • When in doubt, concede that you could be wrong
  • Choosing the right time to try your convincing could be important┬áto success
  • Seek the right environment and the medium for the pitch
  • Avoid verbal fillers like Uhh and Umm..you sound unconvincing
  • Do something for them which will make them listen to you and be more keen on getting convinced
  • Sometimes, it is a good idea to express your opinion reluctantly
  • In some cases, it will be a good idea for you to repeat certain things they say


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