Different Ways to Get Kids Do What You Want Them To


It is perhaps easier to make the earth spin the other way than to make children do what we say. Isn’t that the feeling we get many times?

While most of try to bulldoze our way by threatening or thrashing the kid, we all know that this is a poor idea. If only there are other subtle ways to make children do what we want them to!

Well, here are some new, different ideas you can try. Who knows!

  • Kids always respond to carrots. But make sure that the carrots you offer are productive, relevant and sustainable
  • Are you asking to do something that is not interesting or attractive? Can you combine this with something else that is interesting, so that the whole package becomes more attractive?
  • Try to see where all you can involve yourself along with the kids’ activities
  • Think about people who the kids look up and to and whose words they follow. Why do they do that? Is there something in their ways that make them the kids do as told? Try to figure out the secret sauce (sometimes it is something simple) and see if you could follow those too.
  • Is there a benefit to the kid from the activity you want him/her to do? Present the benefit in a way that makes sense to the kid and something the child can relate to.
  • If the activity you wish to suggest as a whole is boring, can you change a part of it to make it more interesting?
  • Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is to request a couple of times, and then leave the child alone. Most children sense that you are not happy but at the same time appreciate that you do not wish to trouble them too much. Such a set of feeling usually make them do what you want them to.
  • Identify other children who have excellent habits including the habit you wish your child to have, and get these children together. Very soon, you will find that your child is doing the desired activity on his own!

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