Different & Unique Ways to Succeed with Your Boss

Who doesn’t wish to do a great work with their bosses?

At the same time, bosses are human too. And there are good bosses and bad bosses…they are a package.

So, how do you ensure that you succeed with your boss, and together, you both succeed too?

While there are a number of conventional ways, here are some hopefully different ways you can try too:

Don’t let your boss’s mood bug you – you be who you are and continue excelling in what you are good at

Provide advance notice if you are going to take time off from work, even if this is a short one

Get in before your boss does so he sees you the first thing he enters office – builds confidence and a feeling that you are reliable

Make him or her look and feel great

Pick your battles with your boss rather than confronting him or her on everything

Take the initiative to set up monthly meetings

Make requests/solutions instead of complaints

Make your boss’s life easier

Complete the tasks everyone forgets

Highlight relevant industry innovations

Read a lot & share useful stuff

Apologize when you screw up

How to be a star in front of your boss?

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