Different Ideas for a Picnic

Picnics are cool things, but we end up going to the same places and do the same things.

Here are some different things you can do.

  • Combine picnics with nature trails
  • Combine picnics with contests
  • Theme based picnics for kids – science based, geography based, history based, culture based
  • Ensure you carry things that are part of your hobbies along with you – guitar, books, even dancing costume if it is not too bulky!
  • Many of us don’t go for picnics because we try to think of picnics as something where we need to travel some distance. Pity. Rather, picnics can be in a park right next to you – it can be made real fun if you organize interesting enough activities. This way of thinking enables you to go for a picnic twice in a month, at almost no expense, only a couple of hours during the weekend, but great fun all the same.
  • Take them for a paintball location near you
  • Zorb balls?
  • Get some guys who do some cool things like magic etc invited to the picnic and conduct a performance
  • Volunteering!
  • Frisbee & whiffball
  • Karaoke (could even be within the co)
  • Going as a team to watch a sport or game
  • Board game tournaments
  • Check out if there are professional organizers of different picnic events in your city and explore what they have to offer
  • A short tour of your city’s less known but interesting spots

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