Different Ways to Conduct a Quiz

I conduct quizzes for children many times, at home

In the initial stages, I was conducting quizzes the old, traditional way – ask them knowledge questions on conventional subjects such as English, Science etc., and give them points the traditional way.

Over time, I felt I can introduce new elements into the quizzes. With this mind, I had been dug up a good lot of ideas, some of which I already use in my quizzes. Here they are.

If you conduct quizzes for children, use as many of these as you wish.

If you do not conduct quizzes for children, why, you should start doing it. It’s great fun, and it makes them clever and intelligent. A double bonanza.

Here you go:

  • Don’t focus on knowledge alone, focus equally on intelligence
  • Have rounds that are pure fun
  • Have rounds on logic
  • Add image questions, today it is so easy with Google images
  • Same with AV questions, which again are easy with YouTube around
  • Do connect questions – you will need to do some preparations for this, but are they cool!
  • Make it interactive in some way, so that the kids too are perhaps able to shoot a few questions, or contribute in some way other than just answering questions. This will be especially encouraging for those kids who are not doing well in a particular quiz!
  • Bit of humour helps, keep such humour stuff sprinkled all around the quiz
  • Have some really cool titles or names for each round
  • Tell that the teams have to come up with creative team names. The names can even be different for each quiz
  • Simple: Ask good, memorable questions!
  • Ask questions such that answers are guessable
  • Include uncommon facts or amazing things people will remember
  • A few (make this not too many) questions can be long, story like questions with interesting answers. Again, memorable stuff
  • Have bonus questions with large points that give a chance for laggards to catch up with leaders
  • Questions are tricky but answers are simple
  • Where possible, personalize questions to the audience. For instance, if you are going to have math questions or logic questions that include people names, you can use the names of the contestants instead!
  • Have True/False and Yes/No questions once in a while to give the contestants a feeling of luck!

Some interesting web sites to check out:

  • Qzzr – create cool online quizzes using this simple-to-use solution
  • Make a quiz and make it rain – if you wish to get relevant traffic online and generate business, this web page says why having an online quiz could be one of the best ways to do it.

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