Different Ways to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s most important network for professionals. And every professional knows how important it is to network. As they say, who you know is as important as what you know for progress in  life and career.

It is hence critical that professionals invest some time on LinkedIn.

But rather than do only the obvious things, and get obvious benefits, why not also try ideas on LinkedIn that many normal members do not try?

Here are some ideas on how to use LinkedIn differently, and better:

  • Professional photos
  • LinkedIn Endorsements
  • Network selectively, it is not different from what you do offline in this context
  • LinkedIn profile badge that you can put on your personal web site and other online personal spaces
  • Use its resume builder tool
  • Show work samples
  • Use Open Profile to send messages to people you are not connected to
  • Export connections to other contact management systems
  • Leverage the perks of LinkedIn groups – same group members can message each other even if they are not connected!
  • Use the Advanced Search Options on LinkedIn
  • Leverage @ mentions in your status updates
  • Use LinkedIn Showcase pages
  • Post company status updates (and target them)
  • Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Use it as a place to start conversations on niche topics belonging to your domain
  • Did you know you can send out email newsletters to your contacts? – The Compose Message feature in your inbox has a unique way to tailor your emails to your LinkedIn Contacts by geography and/or by industry, for up to 50 people at a time. So if you want to share an interesting story or idea with your contacts in the accounting industry, a simple point and click is all it takes.
  • Manage and mine your data stream – With so much activity conducted within LinkedIn, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is where RSS can become your friend. On the Account Settings page, you will see a tab called Account. Within the Account features is an option to Get LinkedIn content in an RSS feed. Make sure this feature is enabled and add the link to your favorite RSS reader to receive daily updates from your connections. Once you have everything where you can review it easily, mine the data stream by taking advantage of the built in search features of your newsreader. Alternatively, your reader may have additional options to flag certain items that contain terms you designate. With a little bit of effort, your RSS reader can become a daily source of business opportunities.
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