Different Ways to Use Twitter

If you are using Twitter purely for fun, this post perhaps will not be of great use to you.

But if you are using Twitter to achieve something tangible, especially for business, marketing, or even your career progress, it makes sense to differentiate yourself on such a vast and busy network so you and your works stands out and is seen.

Here are some good links that show how to use Twitter differently and perhaps with better results:

  • Use Lists – organize whom you follow with lists, else you could be drowning in all sorts of updates, all the same time.
  • Do a good Twitter bio
  • Create a Twitter landing page
  • Look for Replies & Mentions
  • Bookmark tweets you wish to keep, and revisit these often to see if you can do something about these tweets
  • Add photos to your Tweets
  • Create conversation lists
  • Expand the Twitter conversation to your blog
  • Use hashtags
  • Create Twitter Cards
  • Define metrics & KPIs
  • Host Twitter chats
  • Spend time to evaluate how to use Twitter to solve your business challenges – this could take a while, but this is time really well spent
  • Write a crowdsourced blog post using Twitter
  • Extend Twitter meets to real life meets
  • Interesting post – 19 examples of how brands are using Twitter – Link
  • Share your expertise on Twitter in a focussed and sustained way to build credibility
  • Interact with your competition. Yes!
  • Organize local meets through Twitter (Tweetups)
  • Use QT (Quote Tweets) instead of RT (Retweet)
  • Here’s another interesting list of creative ideas to use on Twitter – Link


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