Different Ways to Contribute to Society, Do Social Service

Whenever we think of contributing to society, we think of doing volunteer service. That surely is one solid and practical way to contribute, but there are many other, different ways.

I am putting down some:

  • If you feel that some social activity could be of interest to your friend or acquaintance, connect him/her to it
  • With we all being connected all the time, there is every possibility that you can provide help to someone in a society thousands of miles away, through perhaps sharing your expertise and providing them online training.
  • Write blog posts about individuals and groups doing excellent community service in some sphere or geography. You will get others inspired or better still, contact them and provide assistance
  • Spend more time while on Facebook and other social networking groups to identify do-gooders and spread the good word about them.

I will add more as we go along.

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