Different Ways to Gift

Gifting is supposed to be an act of pleasure, but for many of us, it is a headache.

Because we do not know what to give that makes sense both to the receiver and to our pockets.

So, here are some different and cool ways to gift

  • Home textiles
  • Gift something that you handcrafted / made for them. This could even be an eatable or food item
  • If you already know well about what all they have, think of things that can add to, or be complementary to their existing items. This will then be very useful
  • Gift cheques are very useful as they provide the flexibility to the receiver to use it the way they want it.
  • If you are gifting to someone from a different country, let the gift have the stamp of your culture or nation. A T shirt with an attractive landmark from your country, for instance
  • Sometimes, it actually makes sense to ask them what they will find useful and give a gift based on that. Sure, this could sound too scientific and unimaginative, but it will most likely be more useful than random, creative gifts!
  • Think of things that they will really use and then give them one.
  • If they had gifted something to you earlier, and if you think that something related that will make sense to them too, why dont you try that? This will make the gift memorable!
  • Are there some really good gifts that you received that are not useful to you but could be useful to the receiver? If the gift looks new enough, why don’t you give it to them? Saves you space, and savings on your purse too!

Some really interesting sites to learn more and buy unusual gifts:





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