Different Ways to Write a Covering Letter and Resume

We all know a covering letter is as important as the resume itself, especially in these days when the HR department is drowning in resumes.

Covering Letter – What are the ways you can make your covering letter look different and more powerful?

  • Make it clear – though some brief inputs and data you give in your covering letter – that you made a decent research of what the company you are applying to does
  • Always have a Sub: in the beginning, as they used to do in more formal days. In the Sub:, mention what position you are applying for, and any key highlights about you that you do not wish the HR person to miss. The whole thing should not cross words, note that!
  • If you know the HR executive’s mobile number, send her a short SMS that you have sent your resume along with your covering letter, shortly after you send the letter and resume
  • While all your details are provided in the resume, make it a point to provide the highlights of your background as relevant for the position within 5 crisp bullet points in the covering note itself.
  • Never send a resume without at least a brief covering letter. You might as well not send it.
  • If you have been referred by anyone working in the company or is known to the company, make sure you briefly mention this connection in the letter.
  • Ensure there are NO long paragraphs in the covering letter. Long paragraphs are open invitation for the reader to close the mail to review at a later period – which most times never happens.

Resume – Making your resumes different and powerful

  • Whether you make your resumes different or not, use the following tips to make the powerful and effective:
  • Ensure you mention the highlights of your career right on top of the resume
  • Quantify your impact
  • Associate yourself to great and prominent brands to the extent possible
  • Identify key words or buzz words that will resonate with the interviewer or selector and mention this word at least 4-5 times prominently in your resume
  • Highlight anything you have done that resembles the function you are applying to. Might sound obvious, but many DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THIS.
  • The company you are applying to has a simple question: What can you do for me? Review your resume and verify if the key details you have provided answers this question well enough.


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