Different Ways to Overcome Midlife Career Crisis

Mid life crisis affects all of us.

In fact, if you are not affected by this crisis, it either means you are incredibly lucky, or more likely it means that you have given much thought about your life!

How do deal with it?

Well, what are the different ways?

  • Use the Internet guides, but selectively – else you will be more confused than when you started
  • Meditate
  • Travel
  • Take a month off from work
  • Pursue a hobby or passion you had earlier on in your life
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Remember, trying to force yourself to get over your crisis usually only worsens it, unless the problem is owing to a very specific issue (for instance, if your problem mainly is because your boss is a bully, then changing your job is a clear solution to your mid life crisis problem. Usually however, mid life crisis happens owing to more intangible or intricate reasons than the simple example of a boss being a bully)
  • Consider it as the mid point of your career – and not the end of it! I have had friends who, at forty, claimed they were in their retirement zone. Crazy. The world we live in, for many people worldwide, their life, leave alone their career, begins at 50!
  • Mine your past for clues to find a road map to your future.
  • Focus on health
  • Avoid negative people

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