Different Ways to Help Your Spouse

What are the different ways husbands and wives can help each other?

The obvious list:

  • Help her/him in washing and cleaning and cooking
  • Take a more active interest in baby care if you have an infant or baby. This gives the added benefit of you spending more time with the baby – what more could you ask for!
  • Identify the tasks you could do together and do these!
  • Ensure you understand his/her career and/or intellectual needs and so small things that can satisfy him/her in these
  • Identify what are the really trivial things/ chores that are making his or her life miserable, and see if there are solutions available in the market that can make these easier
  • You most likely know some of your spouse’s real strengths. Use the web to see what else he/she can do to leverage her strengths.
  • Simple: Ask him or her where help is needed. This seems obvious, but most people simply don’t ask!

The no-so obvious list:

  • Identify things you can do together, that will be both enjoyable to do together, and will make it more efficient. Schedule these to be done together – this could especially things where doing something for children, such as teaching, is involved.
  • What small thing if you do for your spouse, will make a big difference? This could be something as simple as paying bills online! Identify the small thing/s and do them – remember the 80:20 rule that says 20% of the components in most things give 80% of the benefits. Use this rule to your advantage
  • Conversely, identify things that your¬†spouse can do for you that can be of great help to you. Most people do not sit down and put up this list. Spend some time to make this list, and you will be surprised to see some interesting items!


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