Different Ways to Progress in Your Career

Who doesn’t want to progress fast in their careers! Beyond the usual methods (working hard etc), here are some other methods and avenues you might want to try too:

  • Explore lateral moves without your company
  • Get trained
  • Seek mentors
  • Job shadow employees whose roles you like, to understand more about their roles
  • Competence alone will not get you there – when you do good work, ensure that the management notices it. You don’t have to go overboard or brag about it, there are subtle ways to do this.
  • Become an intrepreneur
  • Network, network, network
  • Start a learning log where you note down key things you learnt every month
  • Constantly get feedback from your peers and superiors and try acting on them


A video that provides useful strategies and avenues to progress in your career


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