Different Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

This post at Different.Guide is about different (but effective) ways to increase productivity in your job and company.

If you are in charge of a team or in charge of designing the work space (say, someone from Human Resources)

Here are some interesting and somewhat different ways to increase the productivity of your office/workspace

  • Know your employees’ background and motivation
  • Training your associates
  • Have small but frequent incentives for all associates
  • Make your word the final say on select occasions
  • Understand their constraints and offer workarounds
  • Ensure that the every day equipments in the office work
  • Make it clear that asking questions/raising concerns is acceptable and is a good thing
  • Be a role model as a boss; when the rest see you working hard, they too work hard
  • Give responsibility + authority, Responsibility without authority will lead to demotivation, authority without responsibility with lead to – disaster.
  • Ensure they have a clear understanding of their jobs
  • Help them develop a clear career path

Where are you heading? – an inspirational cartoon

  • Enable people to plan based on crucial results expected of them
  • Offer smart flexibility, including in working hours
  • Have regular brainstorming meetings

Six creative ways to brainstorm

Brainstorming done right

  • Think about office layouts and how these can improve productivity
  • Avoid micromanagement
  • Get rid of motivation killers – toxic or abrasive people
  • Teach people how to complete tasks in batches – have specific batch timings alloted for specific tasks
  • Provide space and time for exercise

10 minute exercises at work, in your work clothes

  • 15 minute morning huddles with your team
  • Prioritizing important tasks first
  • Turn off gadgets during crunch times
  • During meetings, start off with “What are we meeting for, and what we do wish to achieve?”
  • No tool, no system can match the productivity that comes out of being happy at work and liking what you do
  • Eating healthy foods during work hours
  • Help people in forming healthy habits such as going to sleep early and waking up early
  • Stand more during work time
  • Delegate effectively
  • Provide constant feedback on the areas they can improve in and where they are doing well

If you are keen on trying out something for your own cubicle or workspace

Here are some simple, and (at least some of them) different tips to make your workspace/cubicle more productive and comfortable

  • Raise your computer (especially if it is a laptop) to your eye level

Laptop ergonomics – a must watch

  • Keep some small potted plants to add color and nature
  • Upgrade your office supplies such as pins and staplers – especially relevant if your job requires a lot of file pushing
  • Use a tray to keep things organized, or some sort of a simple physical organizer
  • Free your desktop by utilizing the vertical space on your walls
  • Try having a pillow, or something soft for your back, on your chair
  • Use a simple coat hook to keep things off your chair
  • Use active footrests to keep your legs from getting cramped
  • Allocate a small budget to each employee who can use it to furnish his/her space in a customised manner
  • Have colors in front of you – you could hang wall papers or whatever.
  • If you are in charge of organizing the workspaces for others, get inputs from your associates┬ábefore designing any new workspace


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