Simple, Unique Habits that Can Change Your Life

Who has not heard the saying that habits make or break us!

The challenge however is to make that change, and get into habits that can make a big difference to our health, our success and our lives.

While there are a number of habits you already would be knowing (waking up early, eating healthy foods, exercise…), I thought I’d identify some which may not be obvious but are effective. Of course, I have tried my best to ensure that these are habits that are fairly easy to form, that do not require a significant amount of change in your lifestyle of efforts:

Judge Less, Accept More – read this interesting piece from Tiny Buddha – the part that really resonated with me – “We like others to accept us unconditonally, but we rarely accept others in the same manner”

Talk to Strangers – If you are asking Why?, you might find this article from Art of Manliness useful

Talk to Strangers – a TEDx Talk

How to make small talk with strangers – a useful video

And one more


If you are like me – who finds it difficult to smile – you can try practicing smiling using the simple trick in the video below

Breathe deep for at least 2 minutes at a stretch, at least 3 times a day

Deep breathing is not fast breathing, by the way. In fact, it is very slow breathing, see the video below for more

A slightly different way to breathe deep, following the Pranayama principles

Do some painting, even if you are nowhere near an artist

Don’t know how to paint? Join the club – but hang on, there are some really easy ways to paint, whoever you are. Here’s an example of a Mandala Painting, and you will agree after watching that ANYONE can do it

Enjoy a sunrise, especially if you are an early riser

Wish to watch a beautiful Spanish sunrise for 35 long minutes? Here it is

Use positive words in your interactions, even when angry

Look at the power of words, if indeed you needed proof

Single tasking

An astonishingly simple game the shows why multitasking is such a …stupid idea if you wish to be productive and efficient at what you do

Take a few moments in the morning and evening to sit quietly, a couple of minutes to yourself

The toughest thing to do in life is, at least according to me, sitting quietly without a thought in mind. But what does sitting quietly mean? Here’s Sadguru explaining beautifully what it means

Spend time in nature – go outside, breathe fresh air, walk under the trees

A beautiful talk from the heart on how spending time in nature could change your life

Invest 15 minutes every day (at least as many days as possible) indulging in a relaxing hobby – now, here is a list of different hobbies I have listed for you.

Follow some simple but healthy sleeping habits

7 Seven Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


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