Really Different Music

Lindsey Stirling

Leo Rojas – El Condor Pasa

Folk-band playing native American Indians music in Norway

Mesmerizing – takes you to a different age and place


Beautiful Italian Traditional Music – an almost hour long video, but listen to as little or as much as you want. A very different type of music, at least for someone from…India


Different music genres explained – a useful video for those who wish to get an overview


Mungo Jerry – in the summer time


A Swedish folk song

Some really good Spanish guitar

A simple, beautiful Korean folk song

A mesmerizing bharatnatyam (classical south Indian dance) performed by a non-Indian! One of the most elegant and beautiful performances of this dance I have seen done by…anyone


Greek Music – Dance Hellas, really beautiful tradition – just watch

Hawaiian Folk Song – Aloha ka manini – what a voice!

A longer version of the above song is available here on YouTube, not able to embed here! Watch 

Mongolian Music – Healing Soul Spirit Song

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