Different Things You Can Do When You are Bored

How many times have we been bored in our lives! And during most of these occasions, we end up doing some rather unimaginative things – watching TV, calling friends…

Sure, you can do what you want, but wouldn’t you want to try something different, fairly easy and quite interesting instead of the jaded routine?

Here are some ideas for different stuff you can try when you are bored. Most of them are easy, and require little else than…you getting out of that couch!

Different things to do when you are bored

Create a new recipe

Write a short story

Do simple stretching or aerobics exercises

Create your own song and sing it aloud

How to make a #1 song – without talent – this is good

10 lyric writing tips for beginners

10 songwriting tips for beginners

Rearrange your furniture

Looks such an innocuous thing could require some serious analysis

Indulge in nostalgia by going through family albums, or photo galleries on your smartphone or tablet

Do some interesting themed collage out of newspaper articles and anything else you can lay your hands on

Who knows, even the ordinary you and I may be able to do some really cool collages

Now, this lady sure makes making a collage look easy

Do online research on subjects that really interest you

Create a card for someone you like

Here’s a video on creating a greeting card

Tutorial on creating some cute greeting cards

Reorganize your bookshelf

25 different creative book shelves ideas

7 ways to organize your bookshelf

Make a list of things you wish to do before you die

Some videos to get you started

Top 10 things to do before you die

If you have crazy bent of mind, here are 25 crazy things you can try to do before you die

Anyone can do these 10…

25 really cool places to see before you die..

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Restyle your coffee table

Some coffee table decor ideas

Make a cocktail

Do coloring (there are adult coloring books available)

An adult coloring book collection

Start learning a new language ( a couple of new words every time you are bored)

Make a short movie using your smartphone on something interesting around you, and upload it to YouTube

Tips to shoot excellent videos with your smartphone


Study a local map of your neighbourhood

Delete useless stuff (apps, pics, videos) from your smartphone

Practice yoga

Write online reviews (Yelp, Amazon)

For the Geeks

Well, while the list above are for common folks, if you happen to be a geek there are nerdier things you can try while you are bored, like the chap in the videos below does



Plus, I liked some of the items in this BuzzFeed list as wellLink




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