Unique Games at Office & Work – for Engagement & Fun

As someone running a small firm, many were the occasions when I was keen to engage my colleagues in games that were fun but were different from the usual dumb charades and the singing contests. A bit of work from my side on this front, and here are some different, interesting and hopefully, pretty useful, games.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle – All you need to do is to buy a few of these puzzles before hand. It is quite OK to play the same puzzles again and again – hey, we are not competing for the World Championships, OK! Want to make it a bit more tricky? Try a scrambled jigsaw puzzle.
  • Best Caricaturist – ask your employees to draw caricatures of their co-workers. They can get super creative ( Hat tip )
  • Juggling – Oh yes, this can be good fun. All you need are two (or if your team has superstar jugglers, three) tennis balls and create a small contest to see who can juggle best. Make simple rules that make it fun to watch and play.
  • Trivia Contest – this does require a bit of work from someone, but the fun of the game makes it worth the efforts.
  • Take a Cooking Class – rather, should I say, get people who know cooking to take a class for the rest of you!
  • Simon Says – this is a real fun game. It needs a good anchor all right, but you should it try it. You can even have 25 people in the group while this game is played, and it will be over within 10 minutes. We play it many times in our company. Learn more on Simon Says game from here.
  • Who/What Am I – This is interesting. Write down the world’s famous couples/combos (it need not be romantic couples, it could be Steve Jobs-Apple for instance), and stick one of a pair on each person’s back (so he does not know what is written, but he can read the rest). By just using Yes or No questions, the person should find his “pair” (thank you)
  • The Laughing Game – everyone stands in a circle. Each person (starting with a randomly chosen one) says Hee-Hoo-Haa, Haa-Haa-Hee, a couple of times before the next person says the same. Whoever laughs is thrown out and the game continues until only one is left. (thank you)
  • Two Truths & a Lie – Everyone writes down two true personal facts and one lie. Then they read out the two facts and the lie without saying which is which. The rest of the team votes for which of the three is a lie. The person who gets the least number of votes for their lie (essentially least number of correct choices) wins.
  • Minefield – Here’s another interesting game. Bits of paper and other small things are scattered around a room. Teams of two are formed. One member from each team, blindfolded, has to cross the room, with each of the stuff lying around being mines that need to be avoided. The blindfolded person will be guided by his/her team member through verbal directions. Whoever crosses the room without stepping on or touching a mine can be considered for the next round until one team wins. (Thanks!)

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