Different Ways to Get Children Interested in Studies

How do you get children interested in studies, in ways different from the ones you usually try?

Here are some “different” ideas:

  • As parents, it is a good idea for you to get involved in and excited about the kids’ study topics. That is, involve yourself as much as possible in their studies. In this context, the worst thing you as a parent can do is to watch the TV while you expect the child to study, in some cases in the same room. Give us a break!
  • Make studying itself fun, so they WANT to study
  • Find out what makes them turn away from study, and see if you could remove some of the obstacles that can be tackled easily
  • Identify some of the physical things and settings that can be easily modified but which will make it more comfortable for the child to study for a prolonged period.
  • Identify children around your place with whom your child could do group studies. Within this context, identify complimentary strengths and weaknesses for the various children so that one child can teach the other in areas where the former is strong and the latter is not.
  • With so many edutainment avenues available today, you should check out some
  • Can you combine studies with some entertaining thing like asking quick, interesting questions in a quiz format to them based on what they had studied? Conduct such a quiz on various study topics occasionally. Make sure the questions are light and they do not feel as if they are being tested – they should rather feel that it is a game in which excitement is the overall emotion.
  • Explore what some of the top schools and teachers do to get children interested in studies and do the same for your child
  • Which subjects interest them most? Encourage them to study them further. The magnified studying habit could sometimes expand to other subjects too
  • Identify TV programs that are related to their subjects and watch these along with them and ask interesting questions, or point out to interesting highlights in the program

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