Different Ways for Small Entrepreneurs to Succeed

The rich continue getting richer.

And, it seems, similarly the big keep getting bigger all the time in business too.

Small businesses try hard, sometimes very hard, but they barely manage to stay in the same place.

It is as if what transpires in Alice in Wonderland is truth itself: You have to run twice as fast just to stay in the same place.

So, it is clear. Small businesses need to something different to succeed, they cannot do the same as what the large guys do, but with a fraction of the resources, and achieve to succeed.

Here are some of the different ideas:

  • Network, but very selectively. General networking, is a waste of time and resources for a small business
  • Personalize
  • Talk directly to your clients
  • Use the social media wisely. Don’t try to just give ads on Facebook and LinkedIn and hope to succeed.
  • Avoid general WhatsApp and Facebook group and instead identify very select groups to join and interact
  • Read how some of the small businesses related to your domain went on achieve big things. Identify their secret sauce (this is what takes some time, but it is critical), and implement the secret recipe for your business too.
  • Identify any specific strength or passion you have – even if it outside of the scope of your business – and see how to leverage it for you business growth. This may not work always, but when it works, your business will zoom.
  • This will take some time, but focus on it and you will get there:¬†Instead of asking the question – How do I best find my prospect and grow my business, ask yourself, What will make my prospects stand in a queue to get my products or solutions? Now, this will not be an easy idea and it might never happen, but giving this a focussed thought and research over a period of time (a couple of weeks or even a month) could give you an amazing concept related to your business that make prospects rush to you instead of the other way round.
  • Ensure your web site is good, elegant and updated.


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