What Different Hobbies Can You Try Out?

Some of us have more than others, but almost every one of us has hobbies.

Most of our hobbies have been acquired not by design, but by accident.

In many cases, hobbies are also “imposed” upon us by peer pressure – because our friends are doing it, or our parents thought it was a good idea when we were young.

It is hence quite possible that there are some really unique, interesting hobbies you might have pursued, if only you had deliberately tried to dig out some of those.

Let me help you out in this.

Over the past few days, I had been keen to identify really new hobbies for myself, and in the process, came across a number of interesting (some of them appear really unique) hobbies.


From a simple static model…

…to a paper plane that can fly some distance…

…to making an RC home made plane really cheap.

Amateur Astronomy

Astronomy for beginners – introduction to stargazing

Stargazing – getting started in astronomy



Beginner’s archery tutorial

Archery lesson

Beatboxingwhat is Beatboxing? See also videos below

Beatboxing World Championships

And here’s some beatbox brilliance



Step-by-step instructions on how to make a candle – cool

A short video – a┬ábeginner’s candle making guide

Fashion Design


Genealogy 101

GeocachingWhat is?

What indeed is it?

Interior Design

Learning a Really New Language such as Chinese or Japanese

Lock Picking

How to pick locks – video 1

How to pick locks – video 2


Magic tricks made easy

7 simple magic tricks with common household items

Model Building

Beginner’s guide to building plastic models

Basic modelling tools – a detailed list

Functional scale models using 3D printers

Mountain Biking


Shadow puppetry tutorial


Redneck rocketry




Throwing boomerangs

How to throw a traditional returning boomerang

Wood Working

Watchmaking – this is a bit of an exclusive and select hobby, possibly not for everyone, but hey, who knows!

Rolex Submariner Watchmaking Demonstration

The art of watchmaking



Whittling basics

And oh, before you leave here, you surely should have a laugh on some of the really weird hobbies some people have – watch this out



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