Different Things to Do During a Commute

Long commutes can be boring and stressful, or it could be a time is spent productively.

Most of us give curse our luck or our fate and just grin and put up with long commutes. But is it problem that the challenge of long commutes could be turned into something of an opportunity? Could these minutes and hours be converted into something productive, enjoyable, relaxing, health?

Here are some ideas, at least some of them hopefully different:

  • You can use the time to think of what you wish to complete that day and set the day’s goals
  • Well, this is not for everyone, but for those whose work place is not far. You can commute on a bicycle, thus becoming healthy during the commute
  • Socialise – this is most likely something you already do, but we mean socialise not just online but also with other passengers if you are travelling by public transport. Who knows what productive learning and friendships you can make? Even when socializing online, you can be focussed and see if you can do some professional online networking during this time.
  • If there are things you need to read for your job that are available online, you can use this time to read them. This is also true for industry specific news items that you might need to be updated about.
  • They plan for inevitable delays – if you have a feeling that you could get stuck in a traffic jam, reprioritize the work for the day, so perhaps there are things you can delegate to someone else before you reach office.
  • Clear your inbox of the most urgent emails. This is especially relevant for those who can carry their emails on their laptops and have the flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Listen to a podcast or audio book. If you especially have chosen audiobooks that could be useful for your education or career, these otherwise wasted hours become really productive hours.
  • Read a useful book, if you wish to relax, even a good story that will set your mind fresh for the day
  • If we are talking about the commute back home in the evening, just use the duration to relax and re-energise. This is one of the best things anyone can do, as we are all likely to be quite tired during the trip back.
  • Sleep.
  • Play your bills online. What better time to do it than well, you don’t know what else to do!
  • Do your favourite hobby. This could be especially refreshing during the evening commute back home, when you are too tired to do anything else.

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3 ways to be productive during your commutes



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