Different Ways to Relax

Every one of us wishes to relax once in a while, or, if your work is of the stressful variety, quite often.

While almost all of us have some default way of relaxing, it will be good to have a list of other ideas to relax, wouldn’t it?

Here you go. What others ways can you relax (most points are written for relaxation while at work)

  • Meditate
  • Relax with your head on a cushion or pillow
  • Do deep breathing
  • Do creative visualizations – essentially day dreaming about something great, but let it be just for 3-5 minutes please
  • Just sit in a calm place and close your eyes. Continue doing this for 3 minutes. That is it.
  • Give yourself a hand massage
  • Try giving yourself acupressure
  • Squeeze a stress ball
  • Go out and walk for 10 minutes
  • Get organized – declutter your table
  • 10 minute yoga
  • Simple, light stretching exercises
  • Do light stationary running (running while at one place, yes it is possible)
  • Listen to your favourite song, but if you are at your workplace, finish this and get back to work after a song or two!
  • Smell soothing scents – you can buy some really soothing scents for a small price and keep them near you or at a place that you can reach quickly
  • Smile and laugh to yourself – it is all right if the folks around you feel that they have a zany bloke around them
  • Look at some inspiring photos or view some inspiring videos on YouTube (I will soon try collecting a list of these for you)
  • Just look out the window for a couple of minutes
  • Open the windows (if they are not already open) and let in fresh air
  • Listen to a comedy show on TV or YouTube – there is nothing to relax you like laughter.
  • Well, take a short nap. That simple!
  • Play some light sports/games
  • Doodle or sketch with color crayons or if you don’t have them, with a plain pencil on paper
  • Brush up on your hobby or passion

And here’s a good video on the topic of how to relax







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